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Products and services that help you take control of your healthcare challenges.

Analysis of your current healthcare landscape.

The claims reporting and medical data tools used by Sophus Health are truly state-of-the-art. We use them to determine what issues are driving up your costs. Then we design lifestyle management programs for you based on the Five Aspects of Health™, against which we regularly measure performance. Our ultimate goal is to reduce your costs while also empowering your employees.



A smart financial model with a simple premise.

The underlying sequential idea for Sophus Health goes like this: When claims go down, so do healthcare costs. Those claims go down when your employees stay well. And your employees stay well when we nurture their desire to seek and use information and skills that contribute to their personal wellness. It all links together to yield a financial model of the highest order.



A fresh perspective on familiar healthcare components.

Your Sophus Health program is customized to fit your scenario, so you get wholesale costs for classic services. We’re talking about medical visits, lab procedures, prescription medications, vision care and dental care. Our programs are serviced by an array of experts collaborating as an integrated team dedicated to your needs. This includes: healthcare thought-leaders, learning professionals, self-funded insurance specialists, certified financial planners and leading healthcare actuaries.



Learning-based programs lead to satisfaction for all concerned.

Your healthcare team is continuously supported by our interactive Sophus Learning Culture™. Think of it as an experiential education that is firmly rooted in evidence-based lifestyle learning models. One that increases productivity and fosters a healthier, more satisfied workforce. At its heart, the Sophus Learning Culture™ represents authentic inner change and a life commitment rather than a fleeting feeling.



About Us

Sophus Health provides customized health programs for innovative companies. Sophus Health programs include smart insurance and lifestyle management to inspire well being and lower costs.


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Five Aspects
of Health

Sophus Health™ employs the Sophus Learning Culture ™ approach, helping YOU look at ALL the issues that impact health


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