If we learned anything from the history of healthcare, it’s what not to do.

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Understanding the Five Aspects of Health


Your custom-designed Sophus Learning Culture™ healthcare plan is crafted to give your employees viable solutions for a healthier lifestyle, which can save everyone money by reducing claims. That’s the beauty of our approach. And the underlying wisdom of the Sophus way is that we embrace the five critical aspects of health and well being.




Physical Health is more than the absence of illness.

The physical health of the human body is in constant flux as we respond to out inner and outer environments. Most everyone understands that to remain healthy certain steps must be taken: get exercise, eat well, learn how to avoid accidents, get regular checkups and seek professional help when necessary.


But Sophus Health also considers the less obvious influences on sustained wellness. Things like our relationships, communication, attitudes and beliefs, even how we handle our finances.


  • Personalized Health Recommendations:  Your employees can use our online lifestyle health assessment survey to get specific recommendations for their situations. This includes medical issues, nutrition, diet and lifestyle factors.


    The Sophus Learning Culture™ uses precise, state-of-the-art medical assessment tools to target the underlying causes of poor health, which lets us move toward wellness. These tools rely on artificial intelligence that knows the right questions to ask and has the ability to evolve as a person’s health changes.


    As your employees move on their journey toward wellness by embracing the Five Aspects of Health™, leading experts at Sophus—think of them as the five gurus—will support your people every step of the way. Each guru is a teacher and thought leader and each can help guide the willing away from the limitations of a claims culture and toward the bounty of a learning culture.


Financial Health is a powerful factor. 

Money worry is one of the leading causes of stress and disease. We can reduce that stress by acquiring a better understanding of the role money plays in our lives. Also by learning financial skills, making better use of personal resources and developing a plan for the future. Indeed, the good feelings resulting from true financial prosperity can help sustain wellness.


  • Full Service Financial Education Services: Your employees can learn to address issues that can contribute to financial stress, such as: debt, buying a home and planning for retirement. The Sophus Learning Culture™ provides a full range of financial planning tools to help your employees organize and track their personal finances.



Spiritual Health contributes to a sense of meaning and purpose.

Spirituality can certainly take many forms. But, the common denominator between those variations is that this is where all of us align our experiences with meaning. It is that place where we allow the large questions to arise and exploration to begin. At Sophus Health, we help your employees explore and deepen this connection.


We look for ways to celebrate those individual connections. This enables your employees to be more present in their daily lives and therefore have a greater sense of fulfillment.


  • Spiritual Guidance and Resources:  Your employees can take advantage of a variety of self-tests and spiritual guidance resources. The Sophus Learning Culture™ provides the latest in e-courses, health techniques and reviews.



Self Health is essential for positive energy and creativity.

Exploring the self is a process of uncovering and developing our own innate being. It is an action where we give ourselves permission to take a journey into self-knowing, completely free of judgment. This awareness manifests as self-expression, self-compassion, self-confidence, creativity and leadership. Your employees become more productive and lead richer lives when self-health gets the attention and energy it needs to flourish.


  • Creativity Profile:  The Sophus Learning Culture™ has multiple tools and resources available to help your employees discover their natural inner strength. They can actually learn to apply the thinking skills of creative genius to life’s challenges (And the same is true for you in the context of facing business challenges.)



Relational Health has much to do with personal health.

When there is friction between co-workers or family members, a person’s ability to be effective and 100% functional is substantially compromised. That’s why Sophus Health places a high value on building strong teams and relationships. Indeed, healthy interpersonal relationships set the stage for creativity, contentment and accomplishment.


  • Relationship Evaluation:  The Sophus Learning Culture™ will work with you and your employees to assess and evaluate current relationships, and provide help with learning how to better handle relationship challenges. We have the resources necessary for all concerned to lead more fulfilled lives.




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Five Aspects
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